60´/70´ - Věra a Vladimír Machoninovi

60´/70´ - Věra a Vladimír Machoninovi
ISBN: 978-80-904484-1-4
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Pavel Směták, Klára Pučerová (eds.)


Věra a Vladimír Machoninovi

Catalogue introduces basic realizations and projects of this architeconic and marital couple. Besides the well known OD Kotba, DBK or hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary there is also a lesser known building of the Czech embassy in Berlin, their own house, or the house for Otomar Krejča. Among the selected project is generel on Budějovické square, the competition for the finishing of the Old Town Hall in Prague, National Assembly building or the international hotel in Prague-Břevnov. Texts also introduce the work of the Machonins, the architectonic and social situation of the 60s and the 70s, and also the furniture design and interiors of their constructions.


Věra Machoninová and Vladimír Machonin: Works, 1960-71
The Machonins: Architecture Despite the Régime
The Sixties
An Interview with Věra Machoninová
Věra and Vladimír Machonin: Interiors and Furnishings

Plans and Completed Projects
The Thermal Hotel
The National Assembly
A New Wing for the Old Town Hall
The Computer Technology Building
The Trade Unions Recreation Centre, Mariánské Lázně
The Trade Unions Recreation Centre, Prague
The Architect's Own House
A Development Plan for Budějovice Square
The Centre of Home Design
A Travel Agency for Young People and The Mladá Fronta Publishers Office Buildings
The Head Office of Škoda
The Prior "Kotva" Department Store
The Czechoslovak Embassy in East Berlin
Otomar Krejča's House
The Teplotechna Recreation centre

List of Works

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague 2010, 220 x 260 mm, 125 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-904484-1-4