Devětsil 1920–1931

Devětsil 1920–1931
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Devětsil 1920–1931

Publication accompanying exhibition Devětsil 1920-1931 brings eights syntetic studies with a rich picture documentation, mapping the activities of the avant-garde group Devětsil which was active in Prague and Brno in the 20s of the 20th century. Examples from the various artistic branches - visual arts, architecture, photography, film, theatre and typography - introduce the poetics of that time oriented on the modern world and the progressive movements in art around the world.


Magdalena Juříková, Alena Pomajzová

Alena Pomajzová
Devětsil 1920-1925

Jindřich Toman
Platforms of Operation: Devětsil and Its Magazines

Petr Ingerle
Brno and the Literary and Artistic Avant-Garde of the 1920s

Jakub Potůček
The Architecture oéf Devětsil

Jitka Ciampi Matulová
Devětsil and the Theatre

Lucie Česálková
Chaplin and Bisoscopic Art: Film between the Avant-garde and Popular Culture

Karel Císař
A New Pictorial Script: Photography in Devětsil

Alena Pomajzlová
Devětsil after 1925

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Prague City Gallery, Prague 2019, 220 x 315 mm, 248 pages, Czech and English versions, ISBN 978-80-7010-161-2