Krnov Architecture Guide / Průvodce architekturou Krnova

Krnov Architecture Guide / Průvodce architekturou Krnova
ISBN: 978-80-85034-75-2
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Martin Strakoš, Romana Rosová, Michaela Ryšková

Krnov Architecture Guide / Průvodce architekturou Krnova

"A Guide to the Architecture of Krnov", published by the regional department in Ostrava of the National Heritage Institute, is a continuation of the previous volumes of this series - "A Guide to the architecture of Ostrava" (2009) and "A Guide to the Architecture of Opava" (2011). The authors (represented by Romana Rosová and Michaela Ryšková - co-authors, Roman Polášek - photographer, Martin Feikus - graphic designer and Petra Batková - editorial cooperation) under the leadership of Martin Strakoš, carried out a book, which endeavours to present the architecture of Krnov since the foundation of the city in the13th century to the present to both the lay and professional public. The second aim of the publication, supplemented by photograhs and results of the previous researches, is to contribute to the preservation of the local heritage values and to the developement of the architectural culture.


Introduction by the Deputy Mayor of Krnov
Introduction by the General Director, National Heritage Institute
How to read this guide
The development of Krnov and its architecture - the town´s history and heritage conservation
Catalogue (entries 001-184)
Dictionary of architects, builders and artists
Sources and literature for catalogue entries
List of sources and literature
  • Index of names
  • Index of buildings by date
  • Index of buildings by type
Acknowledgements, autors and sources of reproduction

National heritage institute, ÚOP Ostrava, 2013, size 135 x 235 mm, 400 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-85034-75-2