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Jakub Hepp, Dan Merta (edd.)


Contemporary Landscape Architecture in Prague's Public Spaces

PRAGUESCAPE introduces the distinctive landscape architecture projects realized in Prague in the last thirty years, not just to the citizens of Prague, but also to other visitors from Czech Republic as well as foreign lands. While multiple books on the subject of building architecture are published each year, there isn't one that would map the realized projects of contemporary landscape architecture in the way the field is viewd today. This publication loosely follows books Czechscape and New Face of Prague.


Dan Merta: Introduction
Radmila Fingerová: A journey through Prague's landscapes
Incorporating landscapes in the Prague Strategic Plan and adapting to climate change
The Office of Public Space and its Manual
Conceptual study of outdoor spaces: Making Prague more accessible
Prague Tables and Chairs: Please, be seated....
Prague riverside concept: The future based on dialogue
Karlovo náměstí: A future based on dialogue
Revitalization of Vybíralka: A better and more sustainable housing estate

Prague 1
Fanciscan Garden
Prague castle grounds
Convent of Saint Agnes in Prague gardens
Střelecký Island
Wallenstein Garden
Lannova Park
Children's playground in Žofín

Prague 2
Bastion at the Wayside Shrine
Folimanka park
Havlíček Gardens
Princely and Royal Acropolis at Vyšehrad
Vyšehrad Baths floating platform

Prague 3
Park for teenagers at Habrová
Za Žižkovskou vozovnou inner courtyard
Havlíček Square
Alfarezidence Na Vackově complex
Komenský Square
Vítkov hill park

Prague 4
BB Centrum complex
The Park office complex
Novodvorská housing estate
Roztylské Square
Lhotka open-air swimming pool

Prague 5
ČSOB headquarters
Anděl City large inner courtyard

Prague 6
Ladronka Sports and Recreation Area
Czech National Library of Technology surroundings
Maxe van der Stoela monument

Prague 7
Řezáčovo Square
Classic7 Business Park
Dog park in Letná
Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve)
Kaštánek children's playground
Troja Chateau garden
Prague Zoo
Prague Botanical Garden forecourt

Prague 8
Karlínské Square
Futurama Business Park
Thomayerovy Gardens
Corso Karlín
Park and square at OC Krakov shopping centre
Dr. Václav Holý Square

Prague 9
Na Balabence Square
Friendship Park
Podvinní Park
Václavka Park

Prague 10
Vršovického nádraží park
Malinová-Chrpová Park
Atrium in the KKCG administrative block
Malešický park

Za Prague
Ctěnice Chateau Park
Celtic Park and Miller's Park in Dolní Břežany
Dolní Břežany cemetery
Belveder Forest Park, Zbraslav


Jaroslav Frágner Gallery and Architectura, Prague 2018, 190 x 130 mm, 200 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-88161-10-3