Škoda: A Car That Made History

Škoda: A Car That Made History
ISBN: 978-3-89919-652-8
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Johannes Jetschgo


A Car That Made History

One of the most fascinating stories of success in the world of technology: Škoda joins the 100 years tradition with a modern image of a automobile corporation with golbal reach. The journey, illustrated by numerous photographies, leads from motorcycles and racing cars through Eastern European-style cars built in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to the higher middle class on today's modern market. Prominent Austrian historian Johannes Jetschgo takes us on a great journey in his Škoda. Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a wild ride!


Škoda and its Renaissance
Founded by a Disappointed Customer
The Motorised Bookseller
The Racing Count
Conflict and the New Beginning in the Czechoslovak Republic
Škoda acquires Laurin & Klement From teh Republic to the Protectorate
After 1945: A REliable Source of Foreign Currency
The Great Renaissance with VW

Vitalis, Prague 2019, 80 pages, 150 x 210 mm, ISBN 978-3-89919-652-8