The Cultural Heritage Of The Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn

The Cultural Heritage Of The Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn
ISBN: 978-80-85034-72-1
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Alena Borovcová

The Cultural Heritage Of The Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn

This publication focuses on the history of the creation and construction of the Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn. It presents in detail the various railway buildings of the Nordbahn and also includes catalogue of the railway stations, variety of historical and contemporary photographs, pictures and also maps.



Railways from the perspective of heritage management

  • Assessment of heritage value
  • Principles of selection applied to railway structure with heritage value
History of the Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn
  • Preparations
  • Granting of the privilege establishment of the company
  • Construction and route
  • Construction of other lines
Station structure and layout
Typology and development of railways buildings
  • Passenger building
  • Water station and water towers
  • Residential buildings and staff hostels
  • Guardhouses
  • Signal boxes and block posts
  • Engine houses and depots
  • Lamp rooms and acetylene plants
  • Storage facilities
Cataloge of stations on the Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn
Overview of lines built by KFNB companies
Bibliography and archive sources

National Heritage Institute, Ostrava 2013, 197 pages, ISBN 978-80-85034-72-1