History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands

History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands
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Alexandr Putík

History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands

A chronological overview of the Jewish history of the Bohemian lands in the pre-modern era – with key chapters on the fate of Jews in the Early and High Middle Ages, the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, the Golden Age of Emperor Rudolf II, the Thirty Years' War, the period of the absolutist state and the period of reforms under Joseph II. The main chapters are further divided according to topic – the individual sub-chapters provide basic information about the professions, settlements and legal status of Jews, as well as anti-Jewish accusations and pogroms. Special attention is paid to the history of Jewish self-government, scholarship, book culture and Messianism. The book contains 135 high-quality illustrations of the exhibits on display in the Maisel Synagogue exhibition – particularly documents, manuscripts, old printed books, paintings, vedutas, maps, flags, synagogue textiles and metal objects.


The Jews in the early and late medieval state of Bohemia (906-1419)
The Jews during the Hussite Wars (1419-1436)
The Jews in the late medieval and early modern state of Bohemia (1436-1618)
The golden age of Prague Jewry
Jews in the Bohemian lands during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648)
Jews in the Bohemian lands in the absolutist state (1648-1780)
Epilogue - Jews in a period of reform (1797)
Selective bibliography

Židovské muzeum v Praze, Praha 2015, 125 x 195 mm, 108 str., anglicky ISBN 978-80-87366-49-3