Out West

Out West
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Iain Patterson

Out West

Artist and pedagogue Iain Patterson (1946) has been teaching on the school of drawing and painting in College of Art in Edinburgh for thirty years. He has collaborated closely with New 57 Gallery and Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, which he founded and directed for years. We can find his works in Scottish Arts Council, but also in Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Iain Patterson has been working with a motive joining different forms and materials for years, with the motive of a biological growth and change. He'S once again entering the bright world of grass, fungus, seaweed, coniferous and foliaceous trees and stems of unknown weeds and herbs, which he finds in stony weederies. This biomorphism in various appearances - in paintings and drawings or porcelain plaques - is, if we compare it to music, more of a collection of études, sketches and trials, in a way unfinished.


Explicit and Implied Bio-morphism in the Art of Iain Patterson
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Kabinet architektury, Ostrava, Wroclaw 2016, 210 x 230 mm, 68 pages, ISBN 978-80-905953-3-0