Prakab: 100 Years of Prague Cable Company

Prakab: 100 Years of Prague Cable Company
ISBN: 978-80-907291-7-9
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Lukáš Berný a kolektiv
Prakab: 100 let pražské kabelovny

On its 100th anniversary Prague Cable Company publishes a book that describes the company's history since it was founded by important entrepreneur Emil Kolben, until the present day. Graphic design of the book is made by Fuksaworks, text is written by author and editor Lukáš Berný together with company's CEO Ing Tomáš Zieschang. Other colleagues also participated in preparing the book.


Memories by Alexander Tremmel: "Vaclav na hrad" - what happenedbefore and what happened afterwards
Erinnerungen von Alexander Tremmel: "Vaclav na hrad" - was davor und danach geschah
About science, history, people, entrepreneurship, technology, eras of time and the future
Chapter 1: It simply wouldn't work without electricity or from Gilbert to Einstein
Chapter 2: Users and practiotioners
Chapter 3: Emil Kolben
Chapter 4: 100th anniversary of Prague Cable Company
Chapter 5: PRAKAB the Company of the New Millenium
Interview with THE PRAKABIANS
Technical Dictionary
Basic Terms

Berný Lukáš - Nakladatelství Hutter, Praha 2021, rozměr 180 x 240 mm, 196 s., bar., česky, ISBN 978-80-907291-7-9