Art in an Unsettled Time

Art in an Unsettled Time
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Milada Studničková, Maria Theisen (eds.)

Art in an Unsettled Time

Bohemian Book Illumination before Guttenberg (c. 1375-1450)

Thirteen studies in English and German show the diversity of the production of illumination workshops between the 14th and 15th centuries, when Prague's book painting was of the top European quality, and investigates how the reform movement and the big socio-political changes of the Hussite period influenced the appearance of the manuscripts. The researchers focus on the relation of picture and text, the function of the illustration, the decoration of the often copied tracts of John Wycliffe and ask themselves what is the Hussite iconography. They pay special attention to astronomical, astrological and biblical manuscripts.


Milada Studničková, Maria Theisen: Preface

Pavel Černý: Das Pontifikale des Albert von Sternberg. Einige Programideen seiner Illuminationsauschmückung
Tomáš Gaudek: Scriptum per me fratrem canonicum regularem. Die illuminierten Handschriften der Augustiner Chorherren in Böhmen zur Regierungszeit König Wenzels IV.
Ulrike Jenni: Astrologie am prager Hof von zirka 1350 bis 1400 im Kontext der Höfevon Friedrich II. in Palermo, Alfonso X el Sabio in Toledo und Sevilla sowie von Charles V le Sage in Paris
Alena Hadravová, Petr Hadrava: Czech Contexts of the Corpus al-Sufi Latinus
Lenka Panušková: Astrologie. Was steht hinter den Diagrammen des Codex Clm 826?
Kateřina Kubínová: Andrew from Austria - The Scribe of the So-called Morgan Bible
Hana Hlaváčková: Prague Illuminated Manuscript Pal. lat. 609 from the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Barbara Drake Boehm: Songs of the Lord in a Foreign Land: A Bohemian Choral Bifolium in New York

Daniela Rywiková: Ars moriendi - The Krumlov Miscallanea and its Illuminations in the Service of Late Medieval Pastoral Care
Lara Fortunato: The Iconographic Program of the Boskovice Bible - a Preliminary Observation
Irina von Morzé: Illuminierte Wyclif-Handschriften der ÖNB aus dem Nachlass Kaspar von Niedbrucks
Kateřina Horníčková, Maria Theisen: The Bohemian Illustrated Life of Christ. Artistic Prevenance, Iconography and Commission of Cod. 485 (Vienna, Austrian National Library)
Jan Gromadzki: University in Leipzig and the Bohemian Style Book Painting before 1450

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Artefactum, Praha 2018, 230 x 295 mm, 231 str., ISBN 978-80-88283-15-7