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Theatre must not be comedy for the people / Divadlo nesmí býti lidu komedií in stock

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This monograph focuses on the mutual relationship of Leoš Janáček and the National Theatre in Brno, the most important theatrical institution in Moravia.
The Moravian Museum, Brno 2012, 215 x 261 mm, 146 pages, Czech and English

Bohumil Hrabal. A Full-length Portrait in stock

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Described by Parul Sehgal in the New York Times Book Review as “one of the great prose stylists of the twentieth century; the scourge of state censors; the gregarious bar hound and lover of gossip, beer, cats, and women (in roughly that order),” Bohumil Hrabal is one of the most important, most translated, and most idiosyncratic Czech authors.
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 140 pages, 145 x 205 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3909-3

Adaptability as a Consequence of Ethnomobility in stock

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In the contemporary world, we can observe a mutual infiltration of cultures due to constant and intensive ethnomobility. There is not just a one-way adoption of cultural codes, as all interest parties are affected by multi-level cultural contacts.
National Museum, Prague 2012, 175 x 250 mm, 135 pages, ISBN 978-80-7036-368-3

Československé gramofony - Czechoslovak record players 1946 - 1993 in stock

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Publikace "Československé gramofony 1946-1993" si klade za cíl seznámit širokou laickou i odbornou veřejnost s historií výroby gramofonů v Československu.

The publication „Czechoslovak Record Players 1946-1993“ aims to introduce to both, lay and professional public, with the history of gramophone production in Czechoslovakia.
Národní technické muzeum, Praha 2021, 265 x 215 mm, 389 str., bar., česky/anglicky,
ISBN 978-80-7037-338-5

Towards a Typology of Traditional music in stock

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A collection of reports from the international conference of the same name which took place 21.9. - 22.9. 2016 in Prague. 
Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Prague 2018, 183 pages., 160 x 230 mm, Czech adn English, ISBN 978-80-88081-20-3