Art in the Czech Lands 800 - 2000

Art in the Czech Lands 800 - 2000
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 Taťána Petrasová & Rostislav Švácha

Art in the Czech Lands 800 - 2000

Our readers have not yet had the opportunity to explore the history of art in Bohemia and Moravia in
one single volume. This gap has been filled by the richly illustrated collaborative work of the Institute
of Art History at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, which follows the transformation of art in
the Czech lands from the era of Great Moravia to the present. It explores painting, sculpture,
architecture, book illustrations, arts and crafts, photography, and other forms of artistic creation; 800
selected works put into the historical context of their origin. The core of the book consists of
“families”, groups of two, three, or four works of art that connect together the figure of the royal or
aristocratic commissioner, the origin of the work in the environment of ancient monasteries, on the
grounds of modern academies, or in the background of religious or political circles of the time,
belonging to a distinct artistic movement, various renditions of one theme, and other interesting
connections. The “families” present the most important artistic works associated with the Czech
environment and the most prominent artistic personalities, from Theodoric of Prague and Petr
Parléř, the cubists and the interwar avant-garde, up to contemporary artists, such as Veronika
Bromová or Federico Díaz.

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Singles, Couples, Families...
The Periods
800 - 1500
1500 - 1800
1800 - 2000
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Arbor vitae societas, Prague 2017, 285 x 225 mm, 992 pages, colour illustrations, czech/ english
ISBN 978-80-904543-8-7