(art) without borders

(art) without borders
ISBN: 9788073085940
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Aleš Mudra, Michaela Ottová

(art) withVelikost písmaout borders

The book presents the visual culture of the Ore Mountains region in the Late Middle Ages. Its distinctive character and extraordinary wealth was determined both by the ore mining and intensive cultural exchange with the centres in Bohemian inland, Saxony and Franconia. This book summarizes and enhances the findings of the longtime research into the cultural heritage of the region by a team of art historians. It is structured according to types of art as well as the typology and functions of the artefacts within the context of a liturgical space. The chapters on architecture, sculpture, painting and “applied arts” do not only offer an overview of the most outstanding monuments and the development of their forms, but also discuss trends and strategies in commissioning works of art, the mobility of artists, workshop organization and numerous other social and religious issues. Contains more than 200 high-quality colour illustrations.


Historical Situation
Panel and Wall Painting
Manuscript Illumination
"Applied Arts" in the Church Interiors
Architectural Sculpture in the Church Interiors
Eucharistic Architecture
Sepulchral Architecture
Art in the Ore Mountaints between the Gothinc and the Rennaisance

The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague 2016, 220 x 230 mm, 319 pages, ISBN 9788073085940