Bedřich Feuerstein, architect: Prague - Paris - Tokyo

Bedřich Feuerstein, architect: Prague - Paris - Tokyo
ISBN: 978-80-7037-336-1
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Helena Čapková

Bedřich Feuerstein: architect

The Architecture and Civil Engineering Archive of the National Technical Museum manages the most extensive personal resource of the distinguished architect and stage designer Bedřich Feuerstein (1892 - 1936). This unigue collection was presented to the public in this full diversity in the narrative monographic exhibition Bedřich Feuerstein, architect: Prague - Paris - Tokyo.

The painter, architect and designer Bedřich Feuerstein made a significant mark on the international history of art also as a pioneer of scenography, for example as the author of the first artistic conception of Karel Čapek´s theatre play R.U.R. (1921). Other significant enterprises that had an international impact came from his intership and co-operation with the architect Auguste Perret (1874 - 1954) in Paris (1924 - 1925), or from his co-operation with the arcitect Antonín Raymond (1888 - 1976) in Japan at the end of the 1920s.

The multimedia installation of this exhibiton highlighted all Feuerstein´s artistic aspects: in this intergrated form it presented for the first time his work in architecture, scenography, theatre costume and in graphic, utility and furniture design. His free artistic work also was not overlooked. The exhibiton included a serie of images from private collections which are not usually exhibited. Audio and video recordings recalled hir work for film, Feuerstein´s essaying and lecturing activity, and his collaboration with poets and musicians, e.g. Bohuslav Martinů (1890 - 1959).

Feuerstein´s work was supplemented also by artworks of his contemporaries: busts by the sculptors Marta Jirásková, Helena Johnová and Otakar Švec,paintings by Josef Šíma and Jan Zrzavý. The extensive collection of the NTM is thus added to with exhibits from other public and private collections, e.g. the National Gallery Prague, the National Museum, the Military History Institute, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Bohuslav Martinů Foundation. The film footage was provided by the Czech Film Archive.


family background and friends
Feuerstein´s modern classicism
france - feuerstein as a cosmopolitan artist
theatre architecture
Feuerstein and japan
Feuerstein and the ussr
hospital architecture
the 1930s - an architect a time of crisis
clothing as intimate architecture
Bedřich Feuerstein as a designer
the mysterious a. p.
the dark shadow of war
pictorial appendices
list of illustrations
index of names

Národní technické muzeum, Praha 2021, 260 x 210 mm, 287 str., bar., anglicky, ISBN 978-80-7037-336-1