Biedermeier: Art and Culture in the Bohemian Lands 1814 - 1848

Biedermeier: Art and Culture in the Bohemian Lands 1814 - 1848
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Radim Vondráček (ed.)


Art and Culture in the Bohemian Lands 1814 - 1848

Czech and Moravian art of the first half of the nineteenth century reflects a distinctive artistic as well as ideological trend – Biedermeier. Although the Czech Biedermeier has been successfully presented abroad, no such show has yet taken place on home ground. The exhibition is a great opportunity to demonstrate the real character of Biedermeier as both the lifestyle as well as artistic style that was created by aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie, and that gradually affected all strata of society. In the spirit of emerging civil society it was professing the ideals of practicality and simplicity, discovering the charm of everyday objects and pleasures as well as the beauty of nature and natural materials. Characteristic features of Biedermeier – the restrained elegance and straightforwardness – echoed the general modernisation of society and had come to embody the foreshadowing of modern design.


Foreword. Helena Koenigsmarková
Introduction: The History and Reception of Biedermeier. Radim Vondráček

Assumptions and Roots

    The Paradise of Biedermeier in Bohemia. Jiří Rak, Vít Vlnas
    Biedemeier as a Current of Values and Ideas. Radim Vondráček

Decorative Art and Lifestyle

    Biedermeier Interior and Furniture Design. Daniela Karasová
    Bohemian Glass - the Interplay of Forms, Colours and Decors. Helena Brožková
    Bohemian Porcelain of the Biedermeier Era. Jiří Fronek
    Fashion and Textiles of the Biedermeier Era. Eva Uchalová

Biedermeier in Fine Art

    Production of Images and Their Reception. Roman Prahl
    Painting and Drawing. Roman Prahl
    Biedermeier Prints in Bohemia and Moravia. Jana Wittlichová

Tradition and the Modern.

    The Aesthetics of Industrial Arts. Radim Vondráček
    The Legacy of Biedermeier. Jiří Rak, Radim Vondráček


    Homeland and Identity
    Interiors: The Personality of Things
    The Cult of the Family
    The City: Life and Entertainment
    The Beauty of Nature
    The World of Technology

Profiles of Artists and Producers


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Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and Gallery s.r.o., Prague 2014, 240 x 280 mm, 528 pages, 843, ISBN 978-80-7101-091-3