Castles of Hope

Castles of Hope
ISBN: 978-80-87127-91-9
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Pavel Kohn

Castles of Hope

Přemysl Pitter in memory of "his children"

The life fates of the people who, during their childhood, experienced the Nazi extermination of the Jews, escaped the planned destruction and got into the castle sanatoriums of the Christian humanist Přemysl Pitter, written by Pavel Kohn and was first published in Czech in 2000.


About the two people without whom this book could not have been written
Polda or a half-century of kibbutz life
We were three sisters
I changed my name as and when I needed to
Pepíček from Poland
Nurse Ula
An Israeli artist from Moravská Ostrava
I like crossword puzzles and bridge
Sinaj Wolfi Adler's kept promise
I come from a family of holiday Zionists
My parents knew Přemysl Pitter before the war
The orphan from Romania
Marcela - the child from Mýto
T'm living purposefully in Germany
Miss Štiřín
People should learn throughout their whole lives
Henek's school of life
The wife of Henek
Gretka / Aninka
I designed Israeli pipelines
In a wonderful retirement home
Professor Míša
Přemysl Pitter's ungrateful child
Afterword, Jan štěpán

L. Marek Publishing House, Prague 2018, 326 pages., 150 × 210 mm, ISBN 978-80-87127-91-9