Czech architecture 2009 - 2010

Czech architecture 2009 - 2010
ISBN: 978-80-87064-05-4
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Pavel Hnilička

Czech Architecture 2009 - 2010

The goal of the almanac is to bring regular news about the current situation and the developments in the industry not only to the professional, but also the layman public, and to inspire public discourse. For those abroad the almanac serves as a brief overview of the current architecture scene. The choice of objects in the representative bilingual publication is accompanied by one personality related to the offered works of the invited architects.
The book consists of three chapters. The first presents 33 picked and typologically varied objects. In the second one the art historian Jiří Ševčík interviews architect and holder of the state award Alena Šrámková. The third chapter brings an overview of events in the world of architecture (chosen events commented by Adam Gebrian), statistical overviews (engeneering, housing constructions, real estate), appreciation of certain personalities (V. Rudiš, V. H. Pardyl) for their lifetime work, and the results of chosen national and project competitions co-organized by the Czech Chamber of Architects. The factographical chapter is concluded by a list of literature published in the previous period (titles chosen by Klára Benešovská).

33 buildings projects

National Technical Library inPrague
Ostravská brána Apartment Building in Ostrava
A Small Hydro-electric Plant in Železný Brod
Sněžka House in Marienbad
Small Campanille at Horečky
Elstav Multi-purpose House in Ostrava
Faculty of Natural Sciences of Palacký University in Olomouc
Northen Entrance to the Prague Castle and Pylon with Lion
Guesthouse at Our Lady Monastery at Nový dvůr
Revitalization of the Center of Havlíčkův Brod
Remodelling of mmcité Production Complex in Bílovice
Remodelling of mminterier´s premises in Luhačovice
Community Center in Lukoveček
Port Retail Center in Chrudim
Tescan´s Administrative and Manufacturing Facility in Brno
Vinice Office Centrum in Pardubice
Municipal Market Hall in Nový Jičín
Restoration of a Pavilion in Havlíčkovy sady in Prague
Residential Complex in Brno
Classic 7 Office Complex in Prague - Phase I
Residential Complex Na lhotách in Prague - Phases II and III
Gemini Multi-purpose Center in Prague
Painter´s Studio in Prague
Addition of a Gymnasium at Jan Kepler´s Grammar School in Prague
12 lofts Apartmant House in Prague
Residential Complex na Panském in Stará Boleslav
Reconstruction and and Extension of a Single Family House in Prague
Single Family House in Zlín
Single Family House in Králův Dvůr
Single Family House in  in Prague
Single Family House in  Bílovice
Single Family House in Hluboká nad Vltavou
Single Family House in Pernik
The way I see it

Prostor - architektura, interiér, design. Prague, 2010, 230 x 305 mm, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87064-05-4