Czech architecture 2010-2011

Czech architecture 2010-2011
ISBN: 978-80-87064-07-8
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Petr Všetečka

Czech architecture 2010-2011

The goal of the almanac is to bring regular news about the current situation and the developments in the industry not only to the professional, but also the layman public, and to inspire public discourse. For those abroad the almanac serves as a brief overview of the current architecture scene. The choice of objects in the representative bilingual publication is accompanied by one personality related to the offered works of the invited architects.


30 building projects
Three fountains in Pilsen
Revitalization of a bastion at U božích muk in Prague
Revitalization of monastic church and gardens in Chrudim
Revitalization of a Gothic castle in Soběslav
Building of Faculty of Architecture on Czech Technical University in Prague
Technical education center in Ostrov
Vocational agricultural school in Catabola
Winery in Starý Poddvorov
Production hall in Libčice nad Vltavou
Conversion of a factory in Prague
Petrol station in Galanta
Indoor swimming pool in Litomyšl
Sports hall in Dolní Dobrouč
Villa near Brno
Restoration of a villa in Brno
Family house with two appartments in Prague
Single family house in Hvozdná
Single family house in Dobřichovice
Garden house in Prague
Apartment house in Prague
Remodelling of an apartment in a Neo-rennaisance house in Prague
Prayer house of the Bretheren Church in Černošice
Prayer house of the Bretheren Church in Litomyšl
Presbytary alteration at San Cerbone cathedral in Massa Marittima
Gallery in Beijing
Gallery in Osík
Orangery in Central Bohemia
Teahouse in North Bohemia
Scenic design for theatre production in Brno
Memorial of the composer Jan Novák in Brno

The way I see it

Prostor - architektura, interiér, design, Prague 2012, 305 x 230 mm, 203 pages, ISBN 978-80-87064-07-8