Czech Cinematographer School

Czech Cinematographer School
ISBN: 978-80-907866-0-8
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Ludvík Baran, Jaromír Šofr, Marek Jícha, Daniel Souček

Czech Cinematographer School

100 Years from the Foundation of the Club of Czechoslovak Fil Photographers

Czech Society of Cinematographers published this book on the occasion of a 100 year anniversary of its existence.It hopes to show the origin and foundation of a cinematographer's work from the point of view of Czech cinematographers themselves, introduce it in a historical overview ranging from the technical aspects to ethics, as it develops into a full-fledged artistic discipline. The base of the book is a dissertation by Daniel Souček about the founders and pioneers of Czech moviemaking. Why can the work of Czech cinematographers be called a style or a school and what exactly those words mean is what this book tries to explain.


Salutation of Czech Cinematographers

Introduction - Marek Jicha
Camera is a Partner - Daniel Souček
Film Photography - Daniel Souček
Czech Cinematographer School - Daniel Souček
  A New Methodology of the Term Czech Cinematographer School
  Esthetic Features of the Czech Cinematographer School
    Landscape as Captured Poetry of Reality
    Love for the Beauty of Prague
    Influenced by the Avant-garde
Looking for the Founders of the Czech Cinematographer School - Daniel Souček
  The First Generation Czech Cinematographers from the Beginnings until 1929
Sound Film - Ludvík Baran
  The Second Generation from 1929 until the End of World War II in 1945
Nationalised Cinematography - Ludvík Baran
  The Third Generation from 1945 to the Early Sixties
New Wave - Ludvík Baran
  The Fourth Generation of Cinematographers Actively Working in the Period from the Early Sixties to the Beginning of the So-called Normalization
Normalization - Ludvík Baran
  The Fifth Generation from 1968 to 1989
The Onset of Democracy and the Collapse of the Film Industry - Marek Jícha
  The Sixth Generation from 1989 to 2010
Digital Media Chaos Period - Daniel Souček
  The Seventh Generation from 2010 to the Present
Creative Space: Vertical and Horizontal Evaluation - Marek Jícha
A Short Excursion into the History of ACK - Ludvík Baran, Jaromír Šofl, Marek Jícha, Daniel Souček
Film Image, Essence, Development and Possibilities - Jaromír Šofl
The Ethics of the Cinematographer's profession as a Living Attribute towards Both the Past and the Future - Marek Jícha
Conclusion - Declaration on the Czech Cinematographer School - Marek Jícha

Appendices - Photogallery of Cinematographers
Index of Cinematographers
Photographic Sources

Czech Society of Cinematographers, Prague 2020, 300 x 220 mm, 374 pages, bilingual - Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-907866-0-8