Czech Photography of the 20th Century

Czech Photography of the 20th Century
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Vladimír Birgus, Jan Mlčoch

Czech Photography of the 20th Century

This publication by Vladimír Birgus and Jan Mlčoch introduces various movements and trends of the art of photography since the beginning of the century (pictorialism, documentary and photojournalism), through the modern photography movements in the twenties, surrealistic experiments, poetism, post-war documentary and photojournalism, art photography and its types (happening, land art, conceptual art, body art) to Staged and portrait photography of the end of the 20th century. Almost two hundred authors are represented, including Josef Sudek, František Drtikol, Jaromír Funke, Jaroslav Rössler, Karel Hájek, Václav Jírů, Vilém Reichmann, Jan Reich, Jan Saudek and Josef Koudelka. Photographies borrowed from both Czech and foreign colletions offer a complex view on photography in the Czech lands.


A word of introduction

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism before 1918

From Pictorialism to Modern Photography
Poetism and the Beginning of Abstract Photography
New Photography: Constructivism, Functionalism, and New Objectivity
Social Documentary Photography an the Beginning of Modern Photojournalism
Surrealist Photography and Collage
German and Austrian Photographers in the Bohemian Lands

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography during and after World War II
From Surrealism to Glamour Photography

From Socialist Realism to Humanist Photography
Lyrical Tendencies, Surrealism, Art informel, and Staged Photography

From Humanist Photojournalism to Subjective Documantary Photography
Conceptual, Land, Body, Action and Performance Art
From Minimalism to Postmodernism

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography since Late 1989
Photography at the Beginning of a New Era

Photographers with works appearing in this publication

Twentieth-century Czech Photography in Dates
A Chronology of Important Events in Czech History of the 20th Century
A Bibliography of Twentieth-century Czech Photography

Kant and UPM in Prague, Prague 2010, 285 x 250 mm, 392 pages, ISBN 978-80-7101-090-6