Flowers In The Dustbin / Kytky v popelnici

Flowers In The Dustbin / Kytky v popelnici
ISBN: 978-80-7101-072-2
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Konstantina Hlaváčková

Flowers In The Dustbin / Kytky v popelnici

Society and Fashion in Czechoslovakia in the Seventies

A publication by Konstantina Hlaváčková, with an introduction by Pavel Kosatík, recalls the key events of the seventies and their effects on the fashion and lifestyle of the people of the western world and the former Czechoslovakia.


The Czech Seventies: From Husák to the Charter ´77
The Historical Conditions in the Seventies
  • The Political, Economis and Sicial Situation in the World of the Seveneties
  • The Political, Economic and Social Situation in Czechoslovakia
Fashion in the World
  • What formed Fashion in the World
  • 1970 - 1974 Anti-fashion
  • 1975 - 1979 Punk and Brutal Fashion
  • Haute-couture
  • The Phenomenon of Italian Fashion
  • Disco Fashion
  • A New Profession - Stylist
The Magazine Žena a móda - Woman and Fashion. Real Socialism in Everyday Life
Production and its Problems
  • The Main Industrial Concerns
  • Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
The Institute of Interior and Fashion Culture
Where to Buy Interesting Clothes...
  • ... in Prague
  • Tuzex
  • Co-operative
  • The Centre of Folk Art Production
  • The Houses of Fashionable Clothing
The Rise of the Fashion Enthusiasts
What Was Worn
  • Clothes for Women
  • Clothes for Men
  • Eternal Jeans
  • The Young
Selected Bibliography
Index of Names
Index of Subjects