František Fridrich - The Prominent Photorapher of 19th Century Prague

František Fridrich - The Prominent Photorapher of 19th Century Prague
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Kateřina Bečková, Jiří Koliš, Pavel Scheufler

František Fridrich

The Prominent Photorapher of 19th Century Prague

An extensive monography of Jiří Koliš about a prominent Czech photographer of 19th century František Fridrich 1829 - 1892. The book contains more than 800 unique photographies and period documents from Prague and elsewhere.


Pavel Scheufler: František Fridrich and photography historians
Jiří Koliš: Introduction

The original purpose of photography
överlooked works can be unique too
Invention of the wet collodion process
Foremost exponent of the new process
Photographs for sale
Colour herbarium
Great implrint on Teplice
Houses and new addresses
The end of Fridrich's life, mysteries and conspiracies
The vanished archive of negatives and copyrights
The origins of photography and the early years of František Fridrich
Leaving his native Mělník for studies in Prague
University studies
The beginnings with the Daguerrotype
Jana Maloch and Prague during those times
Developments in printing
Neruda and Fridrich
Enterpreneur and husband
Offense against the law at the beginning of Fridrich's career
First exhibitions
Trips abroad and the laborious search for facts
Travelling in Europe and photographic exhibitions
Successful businessman with a world outlook
Photographic and business professionalism
Viennese Photographic Association
The Regatta Sports Club

Pavel Scheufler: František Fridrich and Spa Towns

A remarkable number of photo series
Prague series
Articles in the Viennese photographic journal
Fridrich's photographic technique
Interesting details about the Prague Series
Verification of contemporary techniques
The time of Fridrich's greatest success
The gradual shifft away from photography
Awards and photographs in the Vienna National Library
Linguistic and educational literary activities

Jiří Koliš: Collecting Fridrich's photographs
Books by František Fridrich
Selected Internet Resources
Abbreviations used in the Photographic Collections
Life of František Fridrich in dates

III. Prague
Katečina Bečková: The carte-de-visite photographs of Prague by František Fridrich
List of Pictures

PETIT, Jiří Koliš, Prague 2018, 290 pages, 285 x 300 mm, ISBN 978-80-903208-1-9