In Quest of History

In Quest of History
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Jiří Přibáň, Karel Hvížďala

In Quest of History

On Czech Statehood and Identity

A dialogue of Karel Hvížďala, a curious journalist from Prague, with Jiří Přibáň, philosopher of law from the British Cardiff, about the turning points of our history at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic with a broad geographic and temporal context from 9th to 21st century. This broad span allows to have a look at our past and ask why and how we percieved and understood out history and what it means for out present and our future. This search is also connected to an attempt not to reduce history into a projection of out frustrations. The authors chose the form of a dialogue while trying to return into the public space questions that are often avoided, or only asked on university campuses.



History and National Identity
The Formation of Nations and Nationalism
Law without the State and State Law: from the Middle Ages to Modernity
Modern Times, State Sovereignity and the Nation
The Nation, Culture and History
The National Revival and the Right to Self-determination
Cultural Idealism and Political Realism
The Republic of Educated Citizens, or Masaryk's attempt at a Centra European Utopia
Intellectuals and Politics
Two Totalitarian Regimes
From the Disintegration of the State to the Disintegration of the Regime

About the Authors

Karolinum, Prague 2019, 288 pages, 150 x 190 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-4267-3