Jasan Burin Architect: Certainties and doubts

Jasan Burin Architect: Certainties and doubts
ISBN: 978-80-87068-1-44
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Petr Vorlík, Klára Brůhová, Marco Maio

Jasan Burin Architect: Certainties and doubts

The book traces the life and work of Czech-American architect Jasan Burin (1929). Following the story of his colorful life, based on an interview conducted in Spring 2013, the book concentrates on his architectural work. This is interpreted within the context of 20th century architecture and represented by a selection of 53 projects. The book contains more than 400 illustrations from Jasan Burin´s personal archives: apart from photographs and plans of his architectures also witty drawings which reveal another love of Burin´s life: automobiles, locomotives and all kinds of machines.


I loved architecture as a medium of human existence
Selected works
Honours and awards

Zlatý řez, Prague 2014, 230 x 275 mm, 192 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87068-1-44