Landscape, residence, image: Georg Johann Buquoy´s romantic order

Landscape, residence, image: Georg Johann Buquoy´s romantic order
ISBN: 978-80-86890-80-7
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Martin Krummholz, Petr Šámal, Petra Trnková, Jan Ivanega

Landscape, residence, image: Georg Johann Buquoy's romantic order

The publication is a final output of the five-year research project Rescuing Memory: the Restoration of Buquoy Property and its Place in Czech Cultural Identity. All texts are based on in-depth research into written, visual and other sources related to the cultural and artistic milieu of the Longueval-Buquoy aristocratic family, based in Bohemia and Vienna, in the 19th century. Each part of the book centres around interests and ambitions of Count Georg Johann Buquoy (1814-1882) – an enthusiastic patron of the arts and an amateur artist. The attention is particularly paid to his influence in the field of local romantic landscaping, architecture and collecting, to his own artistic attempts and also to visual documentation which took place simultaneously. All topics are explored within a broader context of artistic patronship in the period of Romantic Historicism in Central-Europe.


Theresia Valley and the Romantic Visions of Georg Johann Buquoy
Art as a Dynastic Tradition
Knights, Pilgims, Tourists, Archaeologists and Antiquaries at Rožmberk
Painters, Draftmen and Graphic Artists in the Service of Georg Johann Buquoy
Between Prague, Vienna, Červený Hrádek and Nové Hrady
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Artefactum, Prague 2013, 265 x 235 mm, 296 pages, Cyech and English, ISBN 978-80-86890-80-7