Medieval Painting in Bohemia

Medieval Painting in Bohemia
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Jan Royt, translated by Kateřina Pavlíčková

Medieval Painting in Bohemia

Medieval Painting in Bohemia assesses the history of painting in Bohemia and Moravia from the emergence of the Czech state in the late ninth century to the end of the rule of Ludwig Jagiello in 1526. Leading Czech art historian Jan Royt traces the developments in and preservation of mural and panel painting during this period, as well as illuminations and medieval iconography, and he also explores the various themes that inspired these pieces. The text is rounded out with more than eighty full-color illustrations, each supplied with a detailed caption.



Romanesque Painting

The Beginnings of Gothic Painting in the Reign of the Last Přemyslids

Painting in the Reign of John of Luxembourg

The Golden Age of Gothic Painting: The Reign of Emperor Charles IV

The Golden Age of the International Style: The Reign of King Wenceslas IV

The Hussite Movement, Utraquism and Painting in the Years 1419-1471

Painting in the Reign of the Jagiello Dynasty


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Charles Universtiy, Karolinum, Prague 2003, 205 x 260 mm, 160 pages, ISBN: 978-80-246-0266-0