Old Prague legends

Old Prague legends
ISBN: 978-80-86523-87-3
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Magdalena Wagnerová

Old Prague legends

The book the good reader holds in his or her hands contains a collection of twenty-nine tales or legends associated with several well-known sites of old Prague. These buildings, landmarks, and whole areas are woven through with stories that bear the weight of many long centuries of Bohemian history. Moreover, they are bound together by one common thread - all the sites can be visited today. They can be touched with the five-fingered hand of the senses, and thus impressed indelibly upon the memory. Thus, this book is a guide that not only narrates, but also illuminates - and hopefully entertains. it can be taken on Sunday walks, day trip and thematic explorations of places that still remember the people of Prague who walked through the pages of its history.


1. The Foundation of Prague

2. The Church of Our Lady before Týn

3. Ungeld

4. The Old Town Astronomical Clock

5. The Horse Market and St Wenceslas, Patron of Bohemia

6. St Vitus Cathedral

7. The Daliborka Tower

8. The White Tower

9. The Loreto

10. The Strahov Monastery

11. Nerudova Street

12. The Church of St Nicholas

13. Jánský Vršek

14. Hunger Wall on Petřín Hill

15. Kampa

16. Charles Bridge

17. The Old Town Bridge Tower

18. The Clementinum

19. The Carolinum

20. The Clam-Gallas Palace

21. The Golz-Kinský Palace

22. Platýz House

23. The Powder Tower

24. The St Agnes Convent

25. Faust House

26. The Jewish Quarter

27. The Synagogues of Prague

28. The Old Jewish Cemetery and Rabbi Löw

29. The Golem

Plot, Prague 2008, 185 x 135 mm, 135 pages, ISBN 978-80-86523-87-3