Poklady Moravy / Treasures of Moravia

Poklady Moravy / Treasures of Moravia
ISBN: 978-80-7028-371-4
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Luděk Galuška, Jiří Mitáček, Lea Novotná

Treasures of Moravia

Story of a historical land

In this billingual publication the collective of authors presents the contribution of Moravian history and its personalitites of Czech, European, and world culture since the beginning of the settlement of Moravia by paleolithic hunters until the 20th century. Nineteen contributions of archeologists, historians, etnographs, literary, musical and theatre scholars introduce important events in the cultural history of Moravia.
Foreword (Martin Reissner)
Early Moravian Man (Karel Valoch)
On the Life of Neolithic Settlers in Moravia: The Ceramic Legacy (Anna Humpolová, Marta Dočkalová)
Moravian in the Glow of Golden Bronze (Milan Salaš)
At the Thresold of History (Jana Čižmářová, Balász Komórczy)
Veligrad (Luděk Galuška)
From the Medieval History of Moravia (Zdeňka Měchurová)
Medieval Coinage in Moravia (Dagmar Grossmannová)
Kralic Printing and Czech Bible. The Unity of the Bretheren and Printing in Moravia. (Jiří Mitáček)
Anabaptists and their Faience Production (Alena Kalinová)
Baroque Pilgrimages in Moravia on the Example on the Madonna if the Thorns of Tuřany (Hana Dvořáková)
History of Music in Moravia Since its Beginnings to the mid 19th Century (Irena Veselá)
Mendel´s Discovery in the Context of Science in Moravia and the World (Jiří Sekerák)
The Englithened Monarch Josph II and his "Imperial Ploughing" (Jarmila Pechová)
Czech Literature in Moravia from the Enlinghtenment Period to the 1850s (Hana Kraflová)
Comments on the Specific Roots of Puppet Theatre in Moravia (Jaroslav Blecha)
Comments on the History of Theatre in Moravia (Andrea Jochmanová)
Musical Life in Moravia in the 19th and 20th century (Jiří Zahrádka)
Czech Literature in Moravia from the 1860s to 1989 (Hana Kraflová)
Ivo Váňa Psota and Luboš Ogoun - Two of the Great Figures of the Brno Ballet (Hana Ocetková)
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The Moravian Museum, Brno 2010, 210 x 260 mm, 376 pages, English and Czech, ISBN 978-80-7028-371-4