Seeking God´s Face

Seeking God´s Face
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Mireia Ryšková

Seeking God's Face

This collective monography is a shared work of theologues and art historians which tries to capture and describe the various aspects of human search for transcendence in history and today. The first part shows how men and women sought and found the face of God though the texts of the Old and New Testament, holy icons and filosophically-theological speculation. The second part follows this philosophically-theological questioning in the works of the modern thinkers such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Auguste Comte, Jan Patočka and Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pope Francis), and notes its depiction in modern art.

Since in finding God believers also found themselves, their own face, and in the modern world this search for own transcendence is no longer considered indispensible, the central point of the book becomes the question, whether post-modern man gave up even on the search of his own place and final fulfillment.


Seeking God's Face: The Continuing Call - Introduction by Mireia Ryšková

Part One
Mlada Mikulicová: Divine Names: Descriptions of God in the Old Testament
Mireia Ryšková: God's Face in the New Testament
Martin Zlatohlávek: Jesus Christ as the Ancient of Days in the Apocalypse from the Book of Daniel
Jan Royt: Images of God "Not Made by Hands"
Karel Sládek: A Theological Reflection on the Face of God in Iconography
David Vopřada: The Relationship between an Image and Transcendence in Plato and Thomas Aquinas

Part Two
Mireia Ryšková: The Spat-upon Face of God
Martin Kočí: Tearing Off the Veil of Metaphysics: Jan Patočka's Mataphysical Thinking versus Postmodern Overcoming of Onto-theology
Prokop Brož: The Loss of Transcendence and the Principle of Corruption in the Thinking of J. M. Bergoglio
David Bouma: The Critique of Religion: A Remedy for Distorting Transcendence and an Aid to Meaningful Religious Dialogue
Denisa Červenková, Petr Vizina: Seeking the Transcendent in Contemporary Czech Literature
Milan Pech: The Crucifixion, Blasphemy and Contemporary Art
Noemi Bravená: Children and Veiled Transcendence
Karel Sládek: Distorted Transcendence: Vladimir Solovyov  and the Mystical Struggle
Prokop Brož: God and Man: Who seeks Whom?

Index of Names and Subjects
Index of Ancient and Medieval Sources
Index of Semitic, Greek, and Latin Terms
About the Authors

Karolinum, Praha 2018, 165 x 230 mm, 358 str., ISBN 978-80-246-3979-6