Seven Years K.O.V.

Seven Years K.O.V.
ISBN: 978-80-86863-81-8
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Eva Eisler

Seven Years K.O.V.

Ateliér K.O.V. Koncept, Objekt, Význam. Sedm let / K.O.V. Studio Concept, Object, Meaning. Seven Years The publication introduces chosen student works of the K.O.V. atelier from 2007–2014.


Seven years
Everything Relates to Everything
A Personal Reflection
The Historical Identity of the Discipline and an Attempted Diagram of the K.O.V. Studio
Jewlery is Architecture and Poetry; Art and Design
Treasure Hunt
Index of Studio Activities
Biographical Index
List of Students

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Prague 2015, 270 pages., Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-86863-81-8