The Slavonic Monastery of Charles IV. / Slovanský klášter Karla IV.

The Slavonic Monastery of Charles IV. / Slovanský klášter Karla IV.
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Klára Benešovská, Václav Čermák, Kateřina Kubínová, Tomáš Slavický, Lukáš

The Slavonic Monastery of Charles IV.

Devotion, art, literary culture

The publication has been issued to accompany the exhibition with the same title that is being held in the Emmaus Monastery from 6 May to 21 November 2016 to mark the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. The Slavonic Monastery, today known as the Emmaus Monastery, is one of the most important church foundations of this monarch. The first part of the publication is devoted to the founding of the monastery and in particular to the Slavonic literature it produced up to the time of the Hussite wars and its influence on Czech and Croatian literature. The following section presents the Emmaus cycle, a collection of wall paintings from around the year 1370, which was painted in the cloister of the monastery and the adjoining chapel. The third part describes the architecture of the monastery and the monastery church. Right at the end of the book the eventful story of the fortunes of this foundation of Charles IV from the 15th century to the early 21st century is related. The texts included in the book are based on the most recent specialist research and are intended for both specialist readers and for the general public.

The book is published in a bilingual, Czech-English version.


The Beginnings of the Monastery and Its Architecture. Klára Benešovská a Kateřina Kubínová
Glagolic Literature. Václav Čermák, kapitola Slovanský liturgický zpěv ve spolupráci s Václav Čermák, Chapter Slavonic Liturgical Singing, in co-operation Tomáš Savický
The Emaus cycle. Kateřina Kubínová
Musical Instruments in the Emmaus Cycle. Lukáš Matoušek.
The Fate of the Monastery from the 15th to the 21th Centuries. Klára Benešovská
List of Full-page Photographs
Selected Bibliography

Artefactum, Prague 2016, 210 x 297 mm, 130 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978–80–86890–84–5