Towards a Typology of Traditional music

Towards a Typology of Traditional music
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Lubomír Tyllner, Ondřej Skovajsa, Hana Vaňková

Towards a Typology of Traditional music

K otázkám typologie tradiční hudby

A collection of reports from the international conference of the same name which took place 21.9. - 22.9. 2016 in Prague.


Introduction: Why Typology?

The Classification of Models of Rhytmical Accompaniment in Traditional String Bands in Central Slovakia
Typology as a Synthesis of Knowledge in Applied Musicology Projects
On the Relation between Function and Tectonics in the Typology of Ceremonial Songs on the Border of Eastern and Western Song Styles
Modelling the Tonal and Formal Analysis of Folk Songs from the Záhorie Region on MSP 2A Computer (Recollection of the Seventies of the Last Century)
Toward the Typology of Traditional Instrumental Music of Serbia
Towards a Typology of Czech Traditional Song and Music
A xomprehensive Musical Analysis of Bohemian Traditional Songs from the Sources of the Governmental Collection of 1819
"We've Never Performed Kalnai": Regional Pecularities of the Brass Band Music-Making Tradition in Lithuania
Typology of Song Melodies as Research Instrument: The Case of Lithuanian Student Songs
Traditional Instrumental Music in Záhorie: Styles and Types of Instrumental Groupings


Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Prague 2018, 183 pages., 160 x 230 mm, Czech adn English, ISBN 978-80-88081-20-3