Zlatý anděl / Jean Nouvel / v Praze

Zlatý anděl / Jean Nouvel / v Praze
ISBN: 80-901562-5-8
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Irena Fialová

Zlatý anděl / Jean Nouvel / in Prague

Jean Nouvel realized the Zlatý Anděl building in Prague's Smíchov for ING Real Estate dům, opening in November 2000. After Frank Gehry's dancing building it is the second time IGN brought a star of international architecture and a world-class development team. The Zlatý Anděl buidling superbly fits with the identity of the area. It is the first sign of a change of Smíchov from a neglected perifery into a modern urban district. Current technology meets poetry on the facade, with clouds, sharply red poetry passages and from the corner a guardian angel looks at the passers-by. The angel is from Wim Wenders' Himmel Über Berlin, the passages are taken from the works of Franz Kafka, Gustav Meyrink, Jiří Orten, Rainer Maria Rilke and other writers of Prague. This book about the Zlatý Anděl and Jean Nouvel is a documentary on finding of the likeness of the building as well as the process of realization. It is a documentary of a way of thinking and working of Jean Nouvel, from the first sketches to the finished project, from the initial idea to the finished building. It is a source of information for everyone, who wants to know more about Zlatý Anděl, Jean Nouvel, Prague and contemporary architecture.

Zlatý řez, Prague 2001, 205 x 230 mm, 192 pages, ISBN 80-901562-5-8, Czech and English