Adolf Loos: Apartment for Richard Hirsch

Adolf Loos: Apartment for Richard Hirsch
ISBN: 978-80-260-4954-8
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Burkhardt Rukschcio

Adolf Loos: Apartment for Richard Hirsch

This publication introduces work of the renowned architect Adolf Loos so far unknown to both academics and broader public. That is a rare occurence, as Loos's work is otherwise well known and documented. Additionally, it's not just another of many of his flat designs. This appartment, created for Richard Hirsch, is one of the handful of Loos's realizations which are still standing.


Vladimír Lekeš

Personal Greetings
Marieluis Hirsh
Janet Beck-Wilson
Agnes Husslein-Arco
Gilbert Lloyd

The Fateful Pilsen
Maria Szadkowska

Richard Hirsch's Appartment in Pilsen
Pilsen and the Family of Martha and Wilhelm Hirsch
Interior Design
Restoration and New Installation

Bibliography and Sources in chronological order


About the Author

Adolf Loos Apartment & Gallery, 2012, 215 x 215 mm, 101 pages, English, German and Czech, ISBN 978-80-260-4954-8