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Prague: University Town in stock

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Prague has been a centre of college education for almost seven centuries. It was on 7th April 1348 when Czech king and the future Roman Emperor Charles IV founded the first higher education institution north of the Alps and east of Rhine.
Karolinum, Prague 2018, 200 x 260 mm, 216 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-4053-2

The Papacy and the Czech Lands in stock

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The papacy can be viewed from many different aspects, and each one of them contains something fascinating and surprising for the modern man.
Historický ústav, Prague 2016, 384 pages., 150 x 210 mm, ISBN 978-80-7286-292-4

A Century of Tramping / Století trampingu in stock

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The book published for the occasion of the exhibition of the same name documents in an attractive way history and various forms of the Czech tramping movement. It is an introduction to one of the major Czech youth subcultures, which in the past decades noticeably influenced both the way of spending leisure time in nature, as well as, for example, popular music.
National Museum, Prague 2018, 124 pages, 250 x 260 mm, Czech and English ISBN 978-80-7036-563-2

Alchemy and Rudolf II in stock

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This publication deals both with activities that were directly supported by the Emperor Rudolf II, and also those that developer in the broader social circle connected with the imperial court.
Artefactum, Prague 2016, 215 x 270 mm, 869 pages, ISBN 978–80–86890–85–2

Ada Kale in stock

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Ada Kaleh was an island enclave of Ottoman Turks on the Danube on the territory of today's Romania. In the 70s it was flooded during the construction of the Iron Gate dam.
Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, Prague 2017, 238 pages., black and white., billingual - Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87989-26-5

Architectural-artistic Competition for the Design of Jan Palach´s Monument in Všetaty in stock

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On 9th October the National Museum of Prague have anounced a competition for the architectonic and artistic solution for the Jan Palach Monument in Všetaty.
National Museum of Prague, 2016, 180 pages, 210 x 295 mm, ISBN 978-80-7036-483-3

Prague Vedute of the 18th Century in stock

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Over five hundred years, the vedute (city vistas) of Prague made of various printmaking techniques have been providing information about the view of the city as well as its urban and architectural development.
City of Prague Museum, Prague 2017, 255 x 340 mm, aprox. 470 pages., Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87828-26-7

Not a Single Snake in Sight / Nespatříte hada in stock

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Dětský svět je jednou z oblastí, jíž se dotklo s nebývalou intenzitou moderní umění.
Artefactum, Prague 2016, 235 x 330 mm, 160 pages., Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-86890-88-3

Czech Architects and the Beginnings of Tourism on the Croatian Adriatic Coast in stock

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Catalogue Czech Architects and the Beginnings of Tourism on the Croatian Adriatic Coast shows Czech and Central European contricution to the development of turism in the Adriatic Coast.
Kabinet architektury, Ostrava 2016, 210 x 230 mm, 144 pages., Czech, English and Croatian, ISBN 978-80-905953-5-4

The Restless Figure in stock

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The book is published to accompany an epynomous exhibition which took place from May to September 2016 in the Gallery of Prague. It contains texts by Petr Wittlich, Sandra Baborovská and Marie Rakušanová mapping evolution and importance of Czech sculpture between the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as chosen text from that time, which help to understand the thoughts during this evolution.
Karolinum, Prague 2016, 225 x 275 mm, 232 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-246-3428-9

The Slavonic Monastery of Charles IV. / Slovanský klášter Karla IV. in stock

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The publication has been issued to accompany the exhibition with the same title that is being held in the Emmaus Monastery from 6 May to 21 November 2016 to mark the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.
Artefactum, Prague 2016, 210 x 297 mm, 130 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978–80–86890–84–5

Eva Eisler in stock

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Eva Eisler (b. 1952) earned her international reputation as a jewellery designer. Her works are imbued with architectural visions and multifarious concepts. While Eva Eisler’s realizations in the fields of interior and exhibition design, and fine art gradually gained importance from the 1990s, her first public presentations had already taken place in the early seventies in Czechoslovakia.
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 2015, 210 x 245 mm, 304 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-7101-136-1

The Cremator in stock

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Fuks presents a grotesque, dystopian world in which a dutiful father, following the strict logic of his time, liberates the souls of his loved ones by destroying their bodies—first the dead, then the living.
Karolinum, Prague 2016, 130 x 190 mm, 181 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-3290-2

Behind the Lines in stock

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Providing important background and insight into The Good Soldier Schweik, this collection by a writer some call the Bolshevik Mark Twain is nevertheless much more than a tool for understanding his better-known novel; it is a significant work in its own right.
Karolinum, Prague 2016, 130 x 190 mm, 110 pages, ISBN: 978-80-246-3287-2

McCullough Mulvin Architects in stock

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The catalogue has been printed to accompany the exhibition that took place from April until June 2016 in Ostrava
Kabinet architektury, Ostrava 2016, 210 x 230 mm, 87 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-905953-4-7

Landscape, residence, image: Georg Johann Buquoy´s romantic order in stock

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The publication is a final output of the five-year research project Rescuing Memory: the Restoration of Buquoy Property and its Place in Czech Cultural Identity.
Artefactum, Prague 2013, 265 x 235 mm, 296 pages, Cyech and English, ISBN 978-80-86890-80-7

(art) without borders in stock

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The book presents the visual culture of the Ore Mountains region in the Late Middle Ages. Its distinctive character and extraordinary wealth was determined both by the ore mining and intensive cultural exchange with the centres in Bohemian inland, Saxony and Franconia.
The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague 2016, 220 x 230 mm, 319 pages, ISBN 9788073085940

Prague Castle Photographic Archives 1918-1933 in stock

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Prague Castle Photographic Archives 1918-1933 is a publication representing the eponymous photographical fund since its inception until its current professional processing and being made accessible in the Archive of the National Museum.
National Museum, Prague 2008, 240 x 285 mm, 191 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-7036-266-2

Collective Housing / Hromadné bydlení in stock

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The book offers a comprehensive look at the typology of housing buildings.
CTU in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Prague 2015, size 120 x 170 mm, 206 pages, English and Czech, ISBN 978-80-01058-4-80

Eugen Wiškovský in stock

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The oeuvre of the leading Czech avant-garde photographer Eugen Wiškovský (1888-1964) is not large in size or range of topics, yet it is great owning to its originality, depth of ideas, and mastery of form.

Torst, Prague 2005, 180 x 160 mm, 140 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 80-7215-266-1