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Karlovy Vary Architecture Guide in stock

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Czech-English publication introduces the architectonic heritage of Karlovy Vary from the oldest times until today. It brings an overview of three hundred buildings, which represent all architectonic styles and important periods of the development of Karlovy Vary.
National Heritage Institute, Prague 2012, 135 x 235 mm, 512 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87104-63-7

Prague Fashion Houses / Pražské módní salóny in stock

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The book introduces the Prague fashion houses until 1948, such as Hana Podolský, Oldřich Rosenbaum, Arnoštka Roubíček, František Bárta.
Arbor vitae and Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Prague 2011, 240 x 295 mm, 311 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-7101-14071-1

Twenty after twenty in stock

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Catalogue of an exhibition of the same name, which took place late 2009 in Gallery of Jaroslav Frágner in Prague which introduced individual studios: architects themselves as well as their works. Among the three chosen projects are realizations, competittive projects, studies and visions.

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery and ARCHITECTURA, Prague 2009, Czech, Slovak, English, 205 x 215 mm, 192 pages, ISBN 978-80-904484-0-7

Poklady Moravy / Treasures of Moravia in stock

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In this billingual publication the collective of authors presents the contribution of Moravian history and its personalitites of Czech, European, and world culture since the beginning of the settlement of Moravia by paleolithic hunters until the 20th century.
The Moravian Museum, Brno 2010, 210 x 260 mm, 376 pages, English and Czech, ISBN 978-80-7028-371-4

A Communicative Town / Sdílné město unavailable

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Publication introduces historical development of the drapery in Krnov, accompanies by the catalog of all 37 textile factories in Krnov. It also shows a factory of Alois Larish and son's company in detail.
National Heritage institure, Ostrava 2008, 114 pages, 145 x 210 mm, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-85034-44-8

Airfields and Airports of Ostrava in stock

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The new bilingual publication "Airfields and Airports of Ostrava" is focused of the establishment and development of aviation support in the city of Ostrava.
National Heritage Institute, Ostrava 2010, 111 pages., 150 x 210 mm, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-85034-56-1

Karolinum in stock

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Second, modified and expanded edition of a publication about the history of the Karolinum building and the education and celebraation of the Charles University.
Karolinum, Prague 2010, 192 pages, 260 x 200 mm, ISBN 9788024618777

New Slovak Architecture / Nová slovenská architektúra in stock

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Subjective selection of Henrieta Moravčíková introduces roughly 100 works of Slovakian architecture realized after 2000 with an introductory professional study.

Slovart, Bratislava 2010, 256 pages, 220 x 270 mm, Slovak and English, ISBN 978-80-8085-871-1

Collective and Individual Patronage in stock

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Anniversary of the death of Josef Hlávka in 2008 was an opportunity for musing about the institute of patronage and its operation in wider relations - geographic and temporal.
Historický ústav AV ČR v.v.i., Prague 2010, 158 x 215 mm, 618 pages

Bára - The Incredible Story of a Tower in stock

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This book tells the story of Bára tower, an original wooden structure designed by Martin Rajniš, built by a team of architects and carpenters, destroyed by a tornado, and reborn again. In Czech and English.

Zlatý řez, Prague 2010, 215 × 370 mm, Czech and English, 79 pages., ISBN 978-80-87068-06-9

Martin Rajniš in stock

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The book presents recent work of Martin Rajniš, a truly outstanding Czech architect, who pursues the possibilities of development of architecture that would be friendly both to people and nature.

Zlatý řez, 2008, reprinted 2009, 220 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87068-02-1

D3A Airy architecture / Živá architektura in stock

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Interviews with the three principals and over 70 projects and realizations describe the evolution of their architecture against the backdrop of dynamic social, political and technological changes in the Czech Republic over the past 20 years.
Zlatý řez, Prague 2009, 220 × 165 mm, 264 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-87068-05-2

Bohumil Hrabal. A Full-length Portrait in stock

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Described by Parul Sehgal in the New York Times Book Review as “one of the great prose stylists of the twentieth century; the scourge of state censors; the gregarious bar hound and lover of gossip, beer, cats, and women (in roughly that order),” Bohumil Hrabal is one of the most important, most translated, and most idiosyncratic Czech authors.
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 140 pages, 145 x 205 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3909-3

Prague - The City and its River in stock

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The appearance, character, and life in Prague has been from the beginning heavily influenced by Vlatava, river, whose flow has prepared the relief of the landscape for the settlement of the Prague basin and to later form a city, which grew into a metropolis.
Karolinum, Prague 2017, 200 x 260 mm, 200 pages, English, ISBN 978-80-246-3292-6

Trial by Theatre in stock

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The motto Národ sobě – “From the Nation to Itself” – inscribed over the proscenium arch of Prague’s National Theatre symbolizes the importance theatre holds for the Czechs.
Karolinum, Praha 2019, 320 str., 170 x 240 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3953-6

A Czech Dreambook in stock

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It’s 1979 in Czechoslovakia, ten years into the crushing restoration of repressive communism known as normalization, and Ludvík Vaculík has writer’s block. On the advice of a friend, Vaculík begins to keep a diary: "a book about things, people and events.”
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 576 pages, 160 x 210 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3852-2

A Typology of Conservation-Restoration in stock

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Efforts to move from the renovation of historic buildings to their conservation-restoration stem from a desire to see greater sensitivity applied in the care of historic monuments. This volume presents a selection of projects planned and executed by the architectural studio of Girsa and Hanzl.
Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague 2011, 157 pages, 235 x 280 mm, ISBN 978-80-0104-71-2

Adaptability as a Consequence of Ethnomobility in stock

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In the contemporary world, we can observe a mutual infiltration of cultures due to constant and intensive ethnomobility. There is not just a one-way adoption of cultural codes, as all interest parties are affected by multi-level cultural contacts.
National Museum, Prague 2012, 175 x 250 mm, 135 pages, ISBN 978-80-7036-368-3

African Performances in stock

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Mgr. Jana Jiroušková, PhD. is a historian and afrikanist. From 1990 to 1996 she studied at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University Department of History and in the years 1992 to 1998, afrikanistics and the Faculty of Arts.
National Museum, Prague 2016, 205 x 240 mm, 151 pages, ISBN 978-80-7036-506-9

Atlas of Egyptian Mummies in the Czech Collections I: Complete Adult Human Mummies in stock

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The present publication is the first one from the series Atlas of Egyptian Mummies in the Czech Collections, and brings the results of investigation of complete adult human mummies. An overview of coffins for adults, whether associated with any of the mummies or not, is also included.
National Museum, Prague 2016, 215 x 285 mm, 183 pages, ISBN 978-80-7036-514-4