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Dictionary of Judaica skladem

230,00 Kč
Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague 2015, 170 x 205 mm, 144 pages, ISBN 80-86889-21-1

Estetika / The Central European Journal of Aesthetics, 2017/2 skladem

110,00 Kč
Ústav dějin umění Akademie věd ČR, Praha 2017, 23 x 15,5 cm, 178 str., anglicky

Everyday Spooks skladem

400,00 Kč
One of the most successful Czech prose books of the 60s, Everyday Spooks by Karel Michal has become famous by original satire aimed at everyday reality in the communist Czechoslovakia of the 50s and 60s.
Karolinum, Prague 2008, 150 x 210 mm, 226 str., ISBN 978-80-246-1494-6

FA ČVUT 1976 - 2016 skladem

300,00 Kč
Published at the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the renewal of the separate Faculty of Architecture ČVUT. Publication presents the history of the university, the development of architecture education and chosen works of graduates and pedagogues and reminisce about important personalities of the faculty.
Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, 2016, 170 x 240 mm, 330 pages, ISBN 978-80-01-06031-5

For The Love of Prague skladem

320,00 Kč
For thirty years, during the stalinist rule of the communists in Czechoslovakia, Gene Deitch was the only American citizen continuously living there who was completely free of control by the regime!
Baset, Prague 2008, 140 x 210 mm, 320 str., ISBN 978-80-86223-09-4

Franz Kafka: A Man of His Time and Our Own skladem

330,00 Kč
This lavish book about the most famous native of Prague Franz Kafka is intended for everyone who wishes to learn more about his life and work, and his world.
Práh, Prague 2017, 195 x 235 mm, 104 pages, English, ISBN: 978-80-7252-676-5

Great Stories in Czech History skladem

219,00 Kč
A well-known Czech historian have chosen and engagingly written fifteen of the most interesting stories of the Czech history, from the oldest times until today.
Práh, Prague 2010, 205 x 142 mm, 142 pages, ISBN 978-80-7252-111-X

Local Strategies – International Ambitions skladem

450,00 Kč
Proceedings from the International Conference of the Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague and New York University in Prague from 2003.
Artefactum, Prague 2006, 220 x 300 mm, 243 pages, ISBN 80-86890-08-2

Logic of Space. Architect Robert Konieczny.KWK Promes skladem

199,00 Kč
This catalogue has been published to accompany exhibition the Logic of Space | Architect Robert Konieczny | KWK Promes in Dům umění 4. 12. 2009 – 7. 2. 2010.
SPOK - Spolek pro ostravskou kulturu, Ostrava 2009, 210 x 230 mm, 60 pages, ISBN 978-80-904096-5-1

Lost in America skladem

270,00 Kč
The story of the young Karl Rossmann, a sixteen-year-old, whom his parents send to the New World from his Bohemian homeland, was indeed laid out without end. Of his three novels, this was the one on which the author spent the most time over the longest period of time, but like The Trial and The Castle it remained an unfinished torso.
Vitalis, Prague 2010, 312 pages, ISBN 978-80-7253-316-9

Lovesick Exoticism - The Collection of Non-European Ethnic Art of Adolf Hoffmeister skladem

225,00 Kč
The publication includes, for the first time ever, a comprehensive list of all the objects from Hoffmeister’s collection of non-European ethnic art, bringing together indigenous objects from the two American continents, as well as from Africa, Oceania and Indonesia.
Artefactum, Prague 2010, 163 pages, ISBN 978-80-86890-30-2

Medieval Painting in Bohemia skladem

960,00 Kč
Medieval Painting in Bohemia assesses the history of painting in Bohemia and Moravia from the emergence of the Czech state in the late ninth century to the end of the rule of Ludwig Jagiello in 1526.
Charles Universtiy, Karolinum, Prague 2003, 205 x 260 mm, 160 pages, ISBN: 978-80-246-0266-0

My Flesh skladem

600,00 Kč
The publication My Flesh by Rony Plesl is published on the occasion of his lecture professorial at UMPRUM and retrospective exhibition in the Royal Summer Palace of the Prague Castle.
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, 2016, 200 x 265 mm, 340 pages, ISBN 978-80-87989-18-0

Olgoj Chorchoj: Logic of Emotion skladem

990,00 Kč
In the Czech and global context olgoj Chorchoj belongs to the top of their domain. The book introduces the professional career of Olgoj Chorchoj in the area of design, architecture, exhibition in the form of original essays and through the complete list of their realizations.

Moravian Gallery in Brno and Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, 2016, 225 x 285 mm, 249 pages, ISBN 978-80-7027-301-2

Pirouettes on a Postage Stamp skladem

400,00 Kč
Translation of the novel - interview Pirouettes on a Postage Stamp is a peculiar introduction to the world and works of Bohumil Hrabal for English speaking readers.
Karolinum, Prague 2008, 130 x 200 mm, 192 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-1447-2

Prague - The Golden City skladem

350,00 Kč
This illustrated volume, with excellent photography and informative accompanying texts, leads you through the city on the Vltava on both well-known and more secluded paths.
Vitalis, Prague 2007, 111 pages

Prague in Legends skladem

330,00 Kč
Práh, Praha 2016, 88 str., 170 x 240 mm, ISBN: 978-80-7252-617-8

Prague in the Reign of Rudolph II skladem

450,00 Kč
Karolinum, Prague 2015, 200 pages, 200 x 260 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-2263-7

Recycled Theatre skladem

400,00 Kč
The book presents a couple of interconnected trends in the current theatre architecture.
Grada, Prague 2015, 160 x 235 mm, 368 pages, Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-247-5751-3

Saturnin skladem

450,00 Kč
English edition of a humourist novel of Zdeňek Jirotka, with the main character of a legendary faithful servant Saturnin, fighting with aunt Kateřina and her son Milouš.
Karolinum, Prague 2003, 145 x 235 mm, 264 pages, ISBN 80-246-0683-6