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On This Modern Highway, Lost in the Jungle - Tropics, Travel and Colonialism in Czech Poetry in stock

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In 1926, the communist avant-garde poet Konstantin Biebl (1898–1951) travelled from Czechoslovakia to the Dutch East Indies. In his texts, poetic and often comic, both landlocked Bohemia and the colonized tropical islands are seen disorientingly anew, like “mirrors looking at themselves in each other.” On This Modern Highway, Lost in the Jungle takes the reader on a journey crisscrossing the poet’s life and work, with particular attention to his travel writing and his dreams and memories of travel, as they mirror the book author’s own life experience as a Czech scholar of Indonesia living in island Southeast Asia.
Karolinum Press, Praha 2022, 235 x 165 mm, 628 str., čb., anglicky, ISBN 978-80-246-5112-5

Prakab: 100 Years of Prague Cable Company in stock

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Při příležitosti 100. výročí založení vydává pražská kabelovna knihu, která popisuje historii společnosti od jejího založení významným průmyslníkem Emilem Kolbenem až po současnost.
Berný Lukáš - Nakladatelství Hutter, Praha 2021, rozměr 180 x 240 mm, 196 s., bar., česky, ISBN 978-80-907291-7-9

Czech Cinematographer School in stock

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Czech Society of Cinematographers, Prague 2020, 300 x 220 mm, 374 pages, bilingual - Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-907866-0-8

Spartakiads - The Politics of Physical Culture in Communist Czechoslovakia in stock

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Every five years from 1955 to 1985, mass Czechoslovak gymnastic demonstrations and sporting parades called Spartakiads were held to mark the 1945 liberation of Czechoslovakia.
Karolinum, Prague 2020, 424 pages, 150 x 190 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3851-5

In Quest of History in stock

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A dialogue of Karel Hvížďala, a curious journalist from Prague, with Jiří Přibáň, philosopher of law from the British Cardiff, about the turning points of our history at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic with a broad geographic and temporal context from 9th to 21st century.
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 288 pages, 150 x 190 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-4267-3

T. G. Masaryk and the Jewish Question in stock

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An English translation of a successful title by the first post-1989 Czech ambassador to Israel, Miloš Pojar. The book is a result of the author’s life-long interest in this difficult and taboo theme.
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 258 pages, 130 x 200 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3879-90

Samizdat Past & Present in stock

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Much of what we now consider the canon of twentieth-century Czech literature—the work of authors like Bohumil Hrabal, Ludvík Vaculík, and Jáchym Topol, among many others—has, in fact, just recently become widely available to readers.
Ústav pro českou literaturu AV Karolinum, Prague 2019, 246 pages, 140 x 205 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-4033-4

Making the Most of Tomorrow in stock

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Most, one of the most impressive historical cities of Northern Bohemia, was destroyed in the sixties and seventies for coal mining. When plans to redevelop the city began, hope and expectations ran high; in the end, however, Most became a symbol for the heartless incompetence of Czechoslovak communism.
Karolinum, Prague 2019, 145 x 190 mm, 456 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-4017-4

The Papacy and the Czech Lands in stock

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The papacy can be viewed from many different aspects, and each one of them contains something fascinating and surprising for the modern man.
Historický ústav, Prague 2016, 384 pages., 150 x 210 mm, ISBN 978-80-7286-292-4

Alchemy and Rudolf II in stock

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This publication deals both with activities that were directly supported by the Emperor Rudolf II, and also those that developer in the broader social circle connected with the imperial court.
Artefactum, Prague 2016, 215 x 270 mm, 869 pages, ISBN 978–80–86890–85–2

Landscape, residence, image: Georg Johann Buquoy´s romantic order in stock

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The publication is a final output of the five-year research project Rescuing Memory: the Restoration of Buquoy Property and its Place in Czech Cultural Identity.
Artefactum, Prague 2013, 265 x 235 mm, 296 pages, Cyech and English, ISBN 978-80-86890-80-7

Czech Photography of the 20th Century in stock

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This publication by Vladimír Birgus and Jan Mlčoch introduces various movements and trends of the art of photography since the beginning of the century, through the modern photography movements in the twenties to Staged and portrait photography of the end of the 20th century.
Kant and UPM in Prague, Prague 2010, 285 x 250 mm, 392 pages, ISBN 978-80-7101-090-6

The Irish Franciscans in Prague 1629 - 1786 in stock

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At the end of the sixteenth century, Queen Elizabeth I forced the Irish Franciscans into exile. Of the four continental provinces to which the Irish Franciscans fled, the Prague Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was the largest in its time.
Karolinum, Prague 2015, size 165 x 235 mm, 226 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-2676-5

Czech law in historical contexts in stock

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This book deals with the development of Czech law from its initial origins as a form of Slavic law to its current position, reflecting the influence of the legal systems of neighbouring countries and that of Roman law.
Karolinum, Prague 2015, size 165 - 235 mm, 240 pages, ISBN 978-80-246-2860-8

Old Prague legends in stock

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The book the good reader holds in his or her hands contains a collection of twenty-nine tales or legends associated with several well-known sites of old Prague.
Plot, Prague 2008, 185 x 135 mm, 135 pages, ISBN 978-80-86523-87-3

Flowers In The Dustbin / Kytky v popelnici in stock price promotion

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A publication by Konstantina Hlaváčková, with an introduction by Pavel Kosatík, recalls the key events of the seventies and their effects on the fashion and lifestyle of the people of the western world and the former Czechoslovakia.

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 2007, size 303 x 217 mm, 168 pages, English and Czech, ISBN 978-80-7101-072-2

Poklady Moravy / Treasures of Moravia in stock

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In this billingual publication the collective of authors presents the contribution of Moravian history and its personalitites of Czech, European, and world culture since the beginning of the settlement of Moravia by paleolithic hunters until the 20th century.
The Moravian Museum, Brno 2010, 210 x 260 mm, 376 pages, English and Czech, ISBN 978-80-7028-371-4

Collective and Individual Patronage in stock

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Anniversary of the death of Josef Hlávka in 2008 was an opportunity for musing about the institute of patronage and its operation in wider relations - geographic and temporal.
Historický ústav AV ČR v.v.i., Prague 2010, 158 x 215 mm, 618 pages

Trial by Theatre in stock

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The motto Národ sobě – “From the Nation to Itself” – inscribed over the proscenium arch of Prague’s National Theatre symbolizes the importance theatre holds for the Czechs.
Karolinum, Praha 2019, 320 str., 170 x 240 mm, ISBN 978-80-246-3953-6

Castles of Hope in stock

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The life fates of the people who, during their childhood, experienced the Nazi extermination of the Jews, escaped the planned destruction and got into the castle sanatoriums of the Christian humanist Přemysl Pitter, written by Pavel Kohn and was first published in Czech in 2000.
L. Marek Publishing House, Prague 2018, 326 pages., 150 × 210 mm, ISBN 978-80-87127-91-9